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{This is KC}

Monday Oct 7 | Jane

I am so excited to have our shop featured in KC (THISISKC.com) this month!! Jennifer Wetzel took the most beautiful photos of the treasures in our store!! Have a look!

I am also thrilled to announce that my dear friend Amy Markham will be in KC this week and we are lucky to have her reading Tarot at Oracle this Saturday, October 12, from 12-6. We've already started booking appointments, so if you are interested in scheduling a reading with her, message us on our FB page, or call Carrie at (719) 216.3071.


(visit Amy's FB page)

{ Oracle - Fine Curiosities }

Monday Aug 19 | Jane

HOLY SMOKES. The last six months have been, as the kids would say, crazypantsnutballs. I'm not complaining, I mean this in a good way...


My new shop, Oracle - Fine Curiosities (co-owned with the lovely and talented Carrie Parker) is finally open in the Crossroads District on West 18th Street! We are currently open Wednesdays-Saturdays from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, hoping to eventually add Tuesdays to our hours of operation in the near future. While we develop our website, we are using our Facebook page (here:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oracle-Fine-Curiosities/356548717784791) to keep people updated on new items and events. We are proud to be participating in the West 18th Street Beauty Crawl with Birdies, Hadley, Eitiquette, and Beauty Parlour this Thursday, August 22 from 6-8.

We are located in suite 102 at 115 W. 18th Street in the Bauer Building - please come by!

{ news / ORACLE }

Tuesday Feb 5 | Jane

Oh man...this month is going to be nuts, so much changing and evolving and...I'm going to need more coffee.

I took a much needed break from working in studio after the Look Attractive show went up and was just catching my breath...and then in January I up and decided to go into business with my dear friend Carrie! It's something that we have talked about doing for ages, but our concept, business plan and dream space only recently came together. In a few months we will be opening a shop (as well as an online store) selling framed butterflies, moths, taxidermy, bones, skulls and decorative memento mori types of curiosities!!

I'm so excited about this and it's all coming together so quickly - as things continue to move forward, I'll be able to post more updates about it. In the meantime, I am pretty much consumed by this new endeavor and hoping to get back into studio to work...maybe soon? I hope soon.



{ transitions }

Tuesday Nov 13 | Jane

I'm at that point where I am almost finished with all of my deadlines and I don't have any new ones lined up (save for those pesky, self-imposed goals that seem to always be floating around and taunting me and making me feel inadequate and lazy...) I welcome this free-ish schedule but am simultaneously scared shitless of the openess of it...the distractions that come with having a full dance card have kept my mind from having to dig too deep into the emotional stuff that will inevitably rear it's ugly head. I am not looking forward to this aspect of it.

Anyways, I was happy to get good feedback from people regarding the group exhibit I've got work in (Look Attractive - UMKC Gallery Of Art - runs through January 14 2013, come by and see it!) and I'm hoping to get my new light table set up soon...maybe I'll even feel like picking up a pencil again (optimism!).

Unrelated to me making art in any way shape or form are the following:

- After reading Laura Jane Fauld's recent post about her 'Rooftop Everybody' coat, I've wanted to find one of my very own. (Also, I highly recommend checking out her collaborative blog - http://strawberryfieldswhatever.blogspot.com/  - on the regular, she's one of my favorite writers and I love this new site!)

- I want to make a quilt. I've never made a quilt and I understand that this is a pretty time-consuming endeavor even for people who make quilts all the time. Seems like a really, super good idea for me to do this now.

- I can't stop watching this, it cheers me up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joi7HqywDAg





{ Look Attractive }

Thursday Nov 8 | Jane

I am very proud to have drawings featured in UMKC's new exhibition, LOOK ATTRACTIVE.

LOOK ATTRACTIVE features the work of Jane Almirall, Max Key, Carol-Ann McFarlane, Kate O'Donovan Cook, Keer Tanchak, Dawn Woollwy and Erin Zerbe - the exhibit opens this evening, November 9 from 5-7 at the UMKC Gallery Of Art and runs through January 14, 2013.

(I hope to see you there!!)

{ sea wee, beach butter }

Tuesday Jul 24 | Jane

I'm safely - if not begrudgingly - returned from a lovely visit to Manomet (my pops lives there during the summer with his lovely wife Marnie - my siblings and I often combine our trip for a family reunion of sorts). My dad turned 70 this year and Marnie threw a nice, big bash to celebrate - the whole trip was super fun and today I am wishing that I had more time to spend with my family on the beach. Sigh.

{ opening }

Sunday Jun 3 | Jane

Thank you everyone who came out on Friday to say hello (I tend to be a little shy in big groups and had a back-up hidey hole in the gallery that I didn't even need to use!) it was fantastic to see old friends and meet new ones!! I am so happy with how the show looks - I owe BIG THANKS to Stephanie, Erin, Joel, Jory and Courtney for, you know, everything! The opening went really well and I am continuously impressed by the huge number of people who come out in droves to support the art community in Kansas City - you are the goods. 

(If you missed the opening, don't worry - the show will hang through July 28! For more information, you can check out the Leedy Voulkos Art Center website here:  http://www.leedy-voulkos.com/)

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention my friend Carrie here - this beautiful, amazing, hilarious, generous and kind woman drove a total of 18 hours roundtrip to be here for me and she single-handedly kept me from expiring from anxiety (among other things). LOVE LOVE LOVE.

here we are, post show taking a sunbath in my driveway <img src=" src="http://janealmirall.com/blog_uploads/drivewaysunbath(1).jpg" style="border-width: 2px; border-style: solid; margin: 2px; float: left; width: 500px; height: 548px; " />

{ installment }

Thursday May 31 | Jane

This morning I woke up early, staggered into my studio and was alarmed - just for a second - by the absence of 6 months worth of work. Then I remembered that I dropped everything off at the gallery yesterday and now I don't know what to do with myself. I still have a few other projects and deadlines, but this one in particular has occupied so much of my time, it's weird to be finished....

I pre-emptively feel some Post Show Blues.

Anyways, something that has made me very happy - my beautiful, brilliant and incredibly thoughtful  heterosexual life partner  friend Carrie surprised me by coming in town a day early to help me out with the show and keep me sane during the process!! She has already logged in countless hours wrangling my children to buy me some precious studio time and I want to shower her with ALL THE THINGS, such is my gratitude for her support and friendship. (Sidebar, her whole family is awesome - when she arrived on Monday night she came bearing gifts - namely a HUGE ASS light table that her husband Brian got for me because he is amazing that way. HEARTS!)

 Here are some shots of walls and pictures and Lovely Carrie with my bebes -  in the beginning of the installation - LET'S DO THIS THING.

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